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The Full Story


My name is Camillia, and I'm 32 Years old. My passion for creativity and storytelling led me to pursue a degree in Animation, where I honed my skills in graphic design, 3D modeling, and animation techniques. And an accomplished creative professional with a background in Animation and Digital Marketing.


After graduating, I transitioned into the world of Digital Marketing, where I intend to use my visual communication and multimedia production expertise to help brands create innovative, compelling campaigns and engaging content. I have a keen eye for detail, an intuitive understanding of user experience, and a talent for bringing ideas to life through my digital creations.


In my previous education and work ethic, I am known for my ability to work collaboratively with teams, meet tight deadlines, and deliver high-quality results that exceed expectations.


With my diverse skill set and unwavering passion for creativity, In my free time, I enjoy exploring new creative outlets, such as painting, drawing, Singing, and photography. I am also an avid traveler with an education in tourism, always looking for inspiration, meeting new people, and new experiences to incorporate into my work. I also speak three languages fluently—Norwegian, English, and Spanish.

3D Sculpture
Game Character Creation
Geometric Artistic Objects
Abstract Geometric Shapes
Shiny Pipes
Colorful Plastic Sheet
3D Swirl
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